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PURPOSE and OBJECTIVES for the DVD Series:
1. Inspire in the player a greater love and passion for the game and a deeper commitment toward self improvement on a regular basis. 
2. Accelerate each player’s skill development so he or she will perform on an advanced level every year.
3. Teach the entire game so that each player will be equipped with the necessary skills to make a major impression and impact when he or she enters high school or college.
4. Facilitate the maturing of a player’s skills and awareness of what must be accomplished in order to advance to college on a baseball scholarship.
5. Equip each parent with diagnostic and evaluation skills so that proper monitoring of a home training program may occur.
6. Broaden and enhance each manager and assistant coach’s awareness of how to conduct more effective team practices which are more time efficient, as well as more educational, developmental, and FUN for each player.
7. Help each other discover the joy of practice and how much fun consistent success can be throughout each session regardless of the player’s tenure in baseball. 
 The primary mission is to elevate the skills of every player to a superior level, as well as the teaching skills of every coach and parent who coach the teams."   Dr. Bragg Stockton

Skills and Drills the Ultimate Baseball Training System developed by Bragg Stockton and Terry Burdick has proven to be the most reliable and comprehensive baseball training system for Coaches and players ages 6 to 18 years old.  Although Coach Stockton is no longer with us, his down to earth and kinetic approach to teaching and explaining the the game of baseball is ageless.

Skills and Drills - Ultimate Baseball Training System

Purchase the 5 DVD Set or Individual DVD

All 12 of Dr. Stockton's VHS tape series have been converted into 5 DVDs and added to as well. Enjoy hours and hours of superior baseball training through Dr. Stockton’s Ultimate Baseball Training System. Each DVD was reviewed with a fine tooth comb and finally a table of contents was added to each DVD for quick reference and training guides.

Hitting I introduces the kinetics and mechanics of hitting and explains how to develop bat speed, power and control. Hitting II presents multiple hitting drills to promote proper hitting habits in players of all ages. These drills can be integrated into team practices as well as a personalized home training system.

Complete 5 DVD Set $60

Hitting I & II $15.00

Pitching I & II  $15.00

Pitching I and II demonstrates how to develop an effective delivery, highlighting methods for establishing correct arm slots and release points. You will master various pitches, while developing power in the delivery. Learn how to vary your speeds and control the movement of pitches to engineer outs. This DVD also features stretching positions, holding runners’, pickoff moves, defensive plays, strength & conditioning.

All Positions  $15.00

Team Practice & Home Training
Spring Training and Off  Season  $15.00

First Base: learn how to field throws in the dirt, playing bunts, holding runners, turning double plays and cut-offs. Second Base and Shortstop: learn how to ground balls, double plays, cut off and relays, and field pop flies and tagging out runners. Third Base & Outfield: Learn to back hand and cross over step, learn to slow roll and proper throwing methods for any situation; learn to recognize which base you should throw to, and how to safely play near the fence and correctly select which man is your cutoff man and the responding to line drives. Catching: Learn how to correctly communicate with the pitcher & infield. Learn how important the catcher is to the outcome of every ball game. Learn how to block the plate, field bunts and throw out runners and the responsibility for covering bases

Defensive Skills
Bunting & Base Running  $15.00

Make the most out of your time by organizing and administering quality team practices, avoid players standing around wasting time. This DVD helps coaches, parents and players alike develop team and personal training programs that are fun and time efficient. Learn how to manage off season workouts to stay in shape and maintain or improve the level of play from the last day of the regular season to the next.

Develop the needed skills that are common to all defensive positions such as Fielding & Throwing drills to become quicker, smoother and more precise. Learn the correct way to Bunt, Sacrifice Bunt, and Drag Bunt. Learn the correct way to run the bases, steal, delay steals and fake steals. Master base running and the hit and run stand up slide position for that winning run at home!

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